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Shining Star Kwesi Arthur Blessed Billboard Live-Home Performance

Kwesi Arthur

From the studios of GroundUp Chale-Ghana, Kwesi Arthur displays an extra-ordinary performance as part of the Billboard’s Platoon Africa Artist Showcase on Thursday, 21st May 2020.

Kwesi Arthur’s opening included his inspiring popular song “Kill My Spirit” and “Back on the Wall”. Arthur’s energy never faded when performing. He ended by relaxing he vibe with “Chill” for his 2019 project “This Is Not The Tape, Sorry 4 the Wait”

Kwesi Arthur was interviewed on “OkayAfrica” last year and in the interview, he spoke about the global influence on Africa especially on the web. He stated, “I know the internet has made everything close — it has made the world very small. So now anything we do someone out there can see,“. “They see what we’re doing so we really have to up our game. But I still keep it lighthearted, speak my truth, do what I love.”

He added: “The world to Africa, like Africa has so much to offer. I think the world should be ready for Africans. And we’ll bring the world to Africa. That’s one thing about Africa. We always keep creating new things. At one point there was Azonto and that came to shaku shaku. Africa keeps recreating stuff and that’s not going to end. We’ll always keep creating.”

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