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According to multiple sources, popular Nigerian Socialite Ray Hushpuppi and his friend Woodberry have been arrested by the officials of the International Police for alleged fraud and actors of Scattered Canary.

The Scattered Canary is a business email compromise operation that uses scams like email impersonation and phishing to manipulate businesses into paying out phony contracts and other fake invoices. It uses a network of money mules within the US and around the world to route the money.

It’s been reported that Hushpuppi and his crew were involved in an unemployment insurance scam.

They exploited and diverted the COVID-19 benefits American government is to give to its unemployed citizens. They hacked into the system and filled over 174 fraudulent claims and took about $35 million.

The Wired Magazine reported that The Secret Service has issued an alert about a massive operation to file fraudulent unemployment claims in states around the country specifically Washington and Massachusetts.

It is reported that Ray Hushpuppi and his crew used stolen personal information like home addresses and Social Security numbers to file the fraudulent relief claims, similar to how they perpetrate tax fraud year to year.


Senior director of threat research and a former digital behavior analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigation said, “We can’t 100 percent confirm that the Scattered Canary actors we’re looking at are the actors the Secret Service is referring to, but at least one of these actors is committing unemployment fraud against the states of Washington and Massachusetts and they are also involved in committing fraud against Cares payments.”


Take a look at the popular Nigerian Socialite Ray Hushpuppi and some of his assets.

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