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How To Manage System Updates On MacOS

Updates are very necessary for your mac because they are meant to improve the security and general health of the computer. You may want to hold on some updates to be sure they won’t cause problems on the computer.

Here’s how to control your updates:

  • ► Click on the apple logo on the left side of the menu bar
  • ► Click on “About This Mac” you should be able to see the OS version you are on.
  • ► Then select Software Update
  • ► To make sure your system stays up-to-date you can check “Automatically keep my Mac up to date”
  • ► If you don’t want your computer to update automatically, uncheck “Automatically keep my Mac up to date”
  • ► You can now click on “Advanced” in the Software Update window for more options, like whether your Mac will automatically check for, download, and install updates. You can also choose whether your device will automatically update your apps.

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