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Some Ghanaian Celebrities to be picked up by FBI

News making waves at the moment that FBI and BNI are about to investigate some Ghanaian celebrities.

The fall of Hushpuppi has had a great impact on a lot of people and he’s not going down alone. Some Ghanaian top celebs are going down with him as Ibrah 1 drops list.

Ibrah has been wanting to get Ken’s attention, he finally got it last night as Ken vows to seize all his cars and make to air all his fraudulent deals. According to Ken, Ibrah never pays duties on his cars.

Ibrah 1 isn’t going alone, he’s snitching on the people he’s had transactions with. Ibrah on his snap post hinted some few days ago that FBI is in Ghana and he’s going to help them catch all the “Game Boys” in exchange for visa.


See The Screenshots:

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