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Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has confirmed that Leroy Sane told Manchester City  he will not sign a new contract with them.

The 24 year old Germany international is in his final year of his contract with the team. , German champions are likely to sign the 24-year-old winger.

Guardiola also confirmed that the club have made several offers to the winger but he has no interest in signing a new deal with the club.

“Leroy has said he doesn’t want to extend the contract. It means he wants to leave. It’s going to happen this summer or at the end of his contract. The club have offered him two or three times and he rejected so he’s going to play for another club. If at the end of this season we agree between the two clubs he is going to leave, if not he is going to stay another year.” Guardiola said ahead of Monday night’s clash with Burnley.

“I’m so disappointed,” he added. “We want him. He’s a young player with incredible potential and incredible quality and that’s difficult to find all around the world. We tried before the injury, we tried before the surgery and after that, but he rejected and he has other ambitions. I understand. We want players who want to play for this club. We respect him, he’s an incredibly nice guy. We love him, I love him so much. He’s so well- educated, has a nice family. It’s just he decides he wants another adventure for his career.”

Enjoy a compilation video of Sane in the Manchester City shirt and listen to the press conference by Pep




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