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Slay Queen d!es whiles twerking on Stage

A young girl lady who is said to be a slay queen called Ama Broni has met her untimely death after she sexually assaulted and electrocuted after she attended a carnival at Liberia Camp in Kasoa.

Reports that have gathered so far is that she attended a night jam with her friends on Saturday 16th January 2021 to have fun. During the program, it was announced that they are looking for young girls who can twerk half naked on stage for an amount of one thousand Ghana cedis.

Ama Broni who upon hearing such an amount of money hopped on to the stage and twerked half naked. According to numerous reports, after she was done the guys from the crowd quickly rushed on the stage to touch her ass and unfortunately she fell off the stage on some electrical wires and got electrocuted. The guys from the crowd not knowing what had happened rushed to and fondled her breast and also inserted their hands in her private parts. .

She passed out on the scene and her body has been deposited in a mortuary pending for autopsy.

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