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Ladies Who Recieve MOMO As Transport and do not show up can be jailed up to 5 years, Police Warns!!!

According to Ghana Criminal act 29 section 132, it is defrauding by false pretense to take money from a man as transport and purposely refuse to show up.

In view of this, a police officer has made it clear that young girls who do that should desist from that because they can end up in jail for 5 years.

Chief Inspector Amoah further explained that if a lady tells you to send her money as the transport to come over and she decides not to come over after you have sent the money, and she also does not refund your money, she can be dealt with accordingly per the Ghana Criminal Act.

A law enforcer also said that a case can be filed against such persons with reference to act 29 section 132 of the Ghana Criminal Code as defrauding by false pretense.

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