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KUMASI: Woman narrates how husband sodomizes his own son

A woman known as Christabel narrates how he caught his husband allegedly sodomizing their little son aged 7 and 4months.

She was speaking on a Kumasi-based radio, Oyerepa, where she said that she never knew her husband was gay until she saw him abusing the kids and later tried it on her.  The woman also recounted how their elder son once complained to her about his father having sodomized him but he shut him up and warned him never to mention it again.

She added that after brushing off her son’s complaint, she personally caught the man red-handed many times abusing the innocent children and when she questioned him, he always gave excuses.

He dared her to provide evidence to back her claim that he has been perpetuating the criminal act on the children.

“My husband drives to Bogoso, so when he leaves home, my son’s anus is safe but as soon as he returns, there are injuries in my son’s anus. I always confronted him and he will call his mother to complain to her that I’m blaming him for something he has not done,” Christabel said in an interview on Oyerepa FM.

She said the man sometimes wakes up to wash the children’s clothes at dawn because they are stained with semen, adding it got to a point in time the younger son was egesting semen as feces.

She said the abuse was consistent and made the children sick and when she took them to the hospital, it was found out that someone had been sodomizing them.

To ascertain whether her husband was gay, Christable recounted how she once asked her husband to spare her children’s anus and focus on hers since that’s what he wants. Unsurprisingly, one night, he applied shea butter to his penis and did the same to her anus and was about to have unnatural canal knowledge of her. She then told him that it is obvious to her now that he is gay.




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