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Police and Military Men Clash Over Weed at Michel Camp

A very nasty spectacle was witnessed at Michel Camp when police and military clashed over a sanctioned police swoop operation meant to clamp down on drug and narcotic peddlers.

Some Military Officers from Michel Camp were not happy about the police picking up some men at Kakasunanka number one during the swoop to fish out suspected Narcotic peddlers.

According to an eye witness who spoke to the Ghana News Agency the misunderstanding emanated from the Police swoop, which the military officers claimed an innocent person was mistakenly arrested.

According to the eye witness, the military officers claimed that the police officers invaded the house looking out for suspected people smoking weed in some ghettos in the area.

The Ghana News Agency observed that the police were able to maneuver their way out which necessitated a hot chase by the military to prevent the police from taking their officer with other suspects away.

The situation caused some heavy traffic as no car could navigate through.

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