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We are not Accepting Homosexuality in Ghana- Bagbin to Australian Gov’t

The Speaker of Parliament, Alan Bagbin, has made it clear to the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana that LGBTQI activities will not be accepted in Ghana.

Mr. Bagbin said to Mr. Andrew Barnes(Australian High Commissioner to Ghana) that the same way Ghana cannot impose certain activities on some countries, Ghana can’t also accept certain cultures from a different country.

He said that “The issue of LGBTQI+ is some we see as an abomination.”

The Speaker also added “It is something we abhor and therefore we will continue to go according to our culture. We will definitely not want to go to Europe and impose on them something like Polygamy, we will not do that”

Mr. Barnes also said ” We are not trying to promote or encourage LGBTQI+ in Ghana. We do believe that sometimes culture is going to adapt to change.”

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