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AR: Fowl Thieves kill 80-year-old poultry farmer at Ejura

Suley Amadu, 25, and Karim Salifu, 35 have been arrested by police in Ejura after they killed an 80-year-old poultry farmer.

The two suspects

According to the police, on 3 May 2021 at 10 am, they received a call that on that very same day, someone had been murdered at 7:30 am. The call was from Kwame Ofori of H/No.D/ 68 Brigade. He informed the police that his brother Kofi Mensah age 82 has been murdered at his cottage near Broadcasting Ejura with a deep cut in his head lying in front of his room.

The Ejura police then went on to the scene and saw the deceased lying dead in front of his room as told to the police by Kwame Ofori. The deceased was covered with pieces of clothes, a mat, torn sack, and a car tyre.

Careful inspection by the police saw a deep cut in the head of the deceased which suspected a foul play. Pieces of broken sticks and cutlass were found at the scene.

Meanwhile, information gathered at the cottage indicated that all the fowl reared by the deceased has also gone missing.

After some research and interrogation, they came across the two suspects who were later detained and also confessing to the killing of the deceased.

Suley Amadu and Karim Salifu are now in police custody and will be arraigned before the court on Monday to be remanded to allow police to conclude investigations.


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