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Legon Students advised against ‘pulling out’ during sex

Students of the University of Ghana, mainly male students, have been advised against practicing dangerous withdrawal methods during sexual intercourse.

Dr. Gifty Odame, who is a medical officer at the Legon Hospital, said ‘pulling out’ during sex neither prevents pregnancy nor STIs. The process of withdrawing the penis during sexual intercourse is otherwise known as coitus interruptus.

However, speaking to Accra-based radio station, Radio Universe, Dr. Odame advised students to desist from the act.

“It does not prevent STI, it does not prevent pregnancy. Before ejaculation, the semen and sperms come out and that is pre-ejaculation. Sometimes, there is a tiny bit of sperm in the pre-ejaculation,” she said, as quoted by MyNewsGh.

“So before you say you are ready to pull out, the semen of pre-ejaculation has already come out. Note that it is not 100%effective against pregnancy.”

Dr. Odame also advised female students to desist from frequently using emergency contraceptives in a bid to prevent pregnancies.

She noted that constantly using emergency contraceptives could be dangerous and could disrupt the menstrual cycle of ladies.

“It is alarming, the rate at which students are using the emergency contraceptive. It builds up; with time it disrupts your menstrual cycle. Even when you get pregnant, you might not know.

“That how we get a lot of ectopic pregnancies. We get a lot of people coming in saying, I am bleeding. You come to the hospital and complain that you have been bleeding twice in a month, the first question we ask is ‘have you used emergency contraceptive?’

“Because it is hormonal, it is going to disrupt your cycle. That’s why it’s called emergency contraceptive. In a year don’t use it more than four times,” the medical officer added.

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