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Caleb Kudah arrested: Citi FM Zoe Abu-Baidoo, Kudah arrest spark outrage in Ghana

Citi FM and TV journalist Zoe Abu-Baidoo and Caleb Kudah arrest by national security operatives spark outrage in Ghana.

Some Ghanaians were outraged over the Rambo staple arrest of the two journalists inside the capital Accra.

Some seven heavily-armed police officers storm the premises of private broadcaster, Citi FM, and Citi TV on Tuesday afternoon.

The officers burst in to pick up one female journalist, Zoe Abu-Baidoo, who is a broadcast journalist with Citi FM and Citi TV.

According to the officers, she received some video files from her colleague who they had arrested earlier for at Citi TV and Citi FM premises.

The male colleague, Caleb Kudah who national security arrested in handcuffs allegedly film parked cars at the National Security Ministry premises.

The reason for the arrival of National Security at the premises was because  Caleb allegedly sent the video to his female colleague, Zoe Abu-Baidoo on WhatsApp.

Caleb Kudah and Zoe Abu-Baidoo

The arrest however sparked outrage among some Ghanaians who felt that the show of force by the police and national security officers was needless.

Ghanaian private legal practitioner, Samson Anyenini explained that the two journalists didn’t break any ethical code or any law.

He explained that in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, journalists are encouraged to “invade and interfere” wherever necessary to capture evidence in the interest of the public.

National Security release the two journalists after hours of interrogation, Citi FM managers indicated that the two journalists look traumatized over the incident.

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