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Seven persons including children electrocuted after heavy rainfall at Amanfrom

It has been reported that seven persons in a town called Amanfrom near, Hwidiem have been electrocuted during a heavy downpour.


According to the police, some cables fell in the rains as a result of a striking thunderstorm, in which the main cables also got disengaged.

Seven persons with their children had to move from their houses to seek refuge at a different place due to the ripping of their roofs by the heavy rainstorm.

Unfortunately for them while they walked through the floods they were electrocuted by the cables which had fallen into the rains.

Police upon hearing the incident went to St. Elizabeth Catholic Hospital in Hwidiem it emerged that 5 adults and 3 children were dead.

Meanwhile, two children are in stable conditions and one other child is said to be in critical condition.

Source: Ghanaweb

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